inspiranten refuel their thinking at the first Berlin Speakers’ Night

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GEDANKENtanken - ThoughtFUEL - courtesy of host Dr. Stefan Frädrich, the inspiranten enjoyed a varied and intensive Saturday evening, featuring short, succinct talks at the Stadtbad Oderberger Street.

Dr. Stefan Frädrich, famous for his books on overcoming one’s ‘inner bastard’ hosted a diverse and intensive Saturday evening event, attended by the inspiranten team, with a line-up of short, succinct talks.

Surprising insights from brain research

From Karsten Brocke, the inspirational speaker behind the communications concept FAIRkaufsBROCKEn®, we learned that ‘selling’ as such does not exist. Instead, we need to think in terms of activating human beings. Modern brain research has shown that our brain makes decisions eight milliseconds before we know anything about it. We were astonished to learn that we live permanently in a kind of past tense, with all of our supposedly conscious actions limping slightly behind. The lessons to be drawn had to do with self-knowledge, becoming conscious of one’s motives and understanding the real reasons why people make purchase decisions. In short: customers have to be activated in order to make them want to buy.

The able-bodied have a right to live to together with people with disabilities

Raúl Krauthausen gave us much food for thought. Ten percent of all human beings have some kind of physical or mental disability. ‘But quite certainly not in this room, and not among your circle of friends’, went Krauthausen’s provocative argument. We felt as if he was directly addressing us. For years now, Krauthausen has campaigned for active, genuine inclusion of people with disabilities, as opposed to the threadbare, half-hearted integration we have now, where the disabled and non-disabled are more usually segregated than brought together. Krauthausen made a plea for an ‘all inclusive’ approach, demanding ‘everything for everyone until everything is used up.’

Key word: micro-expressions

We are lied to every single day, but we remain sadly incapable of spotting lies when faced with them. Prompted by Professor Jack Nasher, we began to pay close attention to the gestures and facial expressions of the people sitting next to us. Be careful! By now we all know (well, maybe not all of us) the signs by which to spot a liar. This can help prevent bad decisions, loss of authority and the waste of precious time. But we will take his advice to heart, so to speak, and not parade proven liars through the streets of Berlin. 

Against boredom and feelings of emptiness

Want to know the five keywords for optimal life planning and a rich life? Two Rs and three Ls! Running, refreshment, laughing, loving and learning. Thank you, dear Bill Mockridge! Now nothing can go wrong! If we may, we’d like to add another two to the list: passion and achievement. Hopefully this will see us through to our fifties at least!

We heard this inspiring thought experiment, along with the eight others, at the Stadtbad Oderberger Street that evening. For information, check out our initiative GEDANKENtanken (ThoughtFUEL).

inspiranten assess the evening: 

A thoroughly successful Saturday night gathering was greeted with well-deserved standing ovations (let’s be honest: this is not so usual for business speeches). It gave us valuable, inspirational motivation, daring us to think outside the box. The grand finale of the evening came courtesy of Albrecht Kresse, speed-thinker and visual synopsizer, who summarized the entire event in visual and verbal form.

We are very much hoping to see a second Berlin Speakers’ Night!

credits: Photos by Jan Hillnhuetter Hillnhuetter Fotografie