Studied culture management at the University of Hildesheim, specialising in art, media, philosophy and psychology. Further qualifications in systematic business coaching.

Over twenty years’ experience in devising and implementing events and cultural projects in the publishing, event marketing and advertising industries.

  • Above all, Annette is a transformer, having implemented dozens of change management processes for large companies, both in-house and as an outside consultant.
  • With empathy and sensitivity, she has helped companies integrate staff into new systems, while embedding key strategic themes in everyday working practice.
  • A sharp observer who thinks in images: her innovative ideas have helped to implement unusual concepts, using flexible, colourful and vibrant methods.
  • She has a soft spot for strong personalities: with real idealism, she works to help individuals successfully realize their potential, allowing them to truly blossom in the workplace.



Trained in industrial management and a graduate in European business studies, specialising in marketing and event management. Her passion is for communication in all its forms.

Implemented numerous events for leading event-marketing agencies, with clients including well-known organisations in finance, industry, science and research.  

  • Translates complex situations into easily comprehensible images and texts. Her remarkable way with words, in both German and English, guarantees inspirational texts which can clearly communicate contexts and strategies.
  • Has written countless briefings for moderators and speakers, helping them to address a wide range of audiences with confidence and credibility.
  • A remarkable researcher, both on- and offline, with a keen eye for high-quality, good value solutions, which she then passes on to clients.
  • Persistent and patient, she knows how to ask questions and how to listen: key skills in identifying optimal solutions and ensuring the success of projects.